Our Recruiting Advantage

For many a smarter road …. from H.S. Lacrosse…. to Community College….. to 4-Year College


We're a BIG recruiting advantage for post-H.S. student-athletes 


Growing number of NCAA D2 and D3 colleges with men’s lacrosse gives Big River Lacrosse recruits a BIG advantage over going directly into a 4-yr college from high school.  Each prospect will be honestly evaluated by Big River Lacrosse coaches and academic advisor to find the right college fit to their academics, economics, ability and passion.

Our recruiting process:

  • college coaches are personally contacted by Big River staff
  • college coaches are made aware of each Big River recruit
  • player contact with college coach is encouraged
  • film, game, scrimmage and tourney schedules will be available to college coaches   


Skills make Big River Lacrosse recruits more attractive to college coaches

Life,  Academic plus Lacrosse Skills:

  • personal accountability
  • time management skills
  • academics
  • physical strength
  • emotional maturity
  • lacrosse IQ for high speed decision making
  • lacrosse speed and skills needed for college competition 


Our objective? Get qualified post-H.S. student-athletes successfully recruited into the “right” college fit.

Program helps student-recruits:

  • improve their lacrosse
  • while they improve their academics
  • earn transferrable SUNY credits
  • saving tens of thousands of dollars for the 1st yr's of college
  • preserve  NCAA eligibility until recruited